Monday, December 6, 2010

How I Store and Organise My Stampin Up Cardstock

 I have tried a few different ways to store my card stock and this is what works for me, right now.   Organising for me is all about colour, I organise most of my supplies by colour. For me, that's what works when I'm creating.  I wanted to share with you how I organise my Stampin Up card stock.  I have had these photos for at least 6 months, but just found them again when I was backing up my photos.  Sorry for the delay  :)

I hold all my Stampin Up card stock in a combination of these boxes and an altered version of these expanding files.   Three of the file folders fit into a box, which each file having enough spaces for 2 colour families with a few spots left over. 

This is how I have made it work for me.   I cut the front flap off the folders and then removed the clip that was remaining on the front.  (HINT - the craft rubber scissors worked a dream for this). I did originally just have the front flap bent backwards so it sat at the back of the folder, but it became a little bulky so off it came.
I love how the colours look all fanned out like this :) Happy days!

There are 3 separate folders in the box which works perfect for me. I have  the Neutrals and Regals in one folder, Brights and Subtles in another and I will have the In-Colours and Specialty Papers (like the shimmery, glossy vellum etc) in another. But once they are all in the box, it looks like one complete folder.

Another thing I have recently added to each colour slot is an A4 clear envelope for all the scraps I end up with.  This way if I only need a small piece to punch out a shape or stamp a small image, I can pull out the envelope without little bits going everywhere or searching at the bottom of the slot for the perfect piece.  This way I waste less by not having to cut up an entire sheet for something I could have just used a scrap piece for.

The box forms part of my larger storage area (you can see a picture from my old house here) which my husband made for me :)

I'd love to see how you all store your card stock.  just leave a comment with a link to a photo, or send me a picture with a photo and I can share it on the blog for everyone to see.  


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Abby said...

I love your method of storing papers! I will be switching to that system :)