Monday, April 13, 2009

A Little Something I Envy

Happy Easter everyone!!

My little family and 2 of my friends little families took a road trip about an hour and half out of Melbourne to a town called Ballarat. Here they have an old gold mining town you can visit called Sovereign Hill. Its a re-creation of 1850's lifestyle. Among the many things we saw during the day, 2 things caught my eye. Let me introduce to my new friends 'In your dreams Sandy #1' and 'You're dreaming Sandy #2' lol
If you're unaware of my scrap space, I occupy the underside of the kitchen bench and the kitchen table. Yep, you heard me right. I'm out in the open. One day I have big plans for a craft studio and as soon as I saw these cabinets, my mind started racing! I loved the drawers in these cabinets and the space to have jars on display. I could SO see my buttons, brads, flowers, ribbons and anything colourful in those jars. Ahhhhh........if only it were that easy. In my head these cabinets would fit perfectly in my 'One Day Scrap Studio' , of course, they would be white lol. One scrap room I absolutely ADORE is Jennifer McGuire. CLICK HERE to see her studio. Just thought I'd share with you my dreams! If you want to see more crafty storage ideas a great blog is

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Kim Strother said...

Hi Sandy- I've tagged your blog- check out mine for all the details.